Making sure other children have the same opportunity

After experiencing the impact of one-to-one mentoring on his Little Brother Nick, Big Brother Seth Corbin wants to make sure other children in Western Pennsylvania have the same opportunity.
Seth says, “Our match over the past eight years has been incredibly rewarding for Nick and I. In fact, I couldn't imagine not supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh.”

Seth and his wife support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh through the Match Maker monthly giving program. “It’s an effortless way to support an organization we care deeply about,” Seth notes. “It removes any onus on our part to
remember to make donations throughout the year and allows us to budget our charitable contributions in an easy, flexible manner.”

“We support BBBS of Greater Pittsburgh based on Seth’s firsthand experience with Nick and seeing the positive impact on him,” explains Seth’s wife. “It’s been so rewarding on our end that we could not pass up the opportunity to financially
support the organization so that other children in Western Pennsylvania could have mentoring opportunities like Seth and Nick.”